Hospital Indemnity Insurance

What Is Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

If you had to stay in the hospital an extra day or two to fully recover from an injury or illness, could you afford it?

A Hospital Indemnity Plan is added to your existing health insurance plan to help pay for hospital stays and any expenses adding up while you're in the hospital recovering.

How It Works: as long as you continue to pay your premiums, if you admitted to the hospital, your Hospital Indemnity Plan makes cash payments to you. This means you can use it for expenses like medical copays, deductibles, and regular expenses, such as food, rent, childcare, utilities and more.

If your existing health insurance plan has limits on hospitalization coverage, a high deductible or daily hospital copays, a Hospital Indemnity Plan could be appropriate for you.
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Pay For Hospital Stays With Hospital Indemnity Plans

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