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The Truth About Medicare TV Commercials

Around Annual Election Period (AEP), the amount of Medicare TV commercials skyrocket and every year, we have to explain to people why these types of commercials are misleading and predatory.

Medicare Preventive Care is FREE?! 😱

Did you know that Medicare preventive services typically come at no cost to you? These services benefit all people on Medicare, regardless of if they have Medicare Advantage or Original Medicare. Medicare encourages beneficiaries to be proactive with their care by scheduling yearly appointments to prevent significant health risks.

How We Get Paid

Did you know that you don't owe us anything when you come in for a Medicare consultation? The insurance companies we work with pay us to work with you on your Medicare. This means we aren't just chasing the sale, we have the ability to look at ALL plans with ALL companies and truly choose the BEST for you!

Does Medicare Pay For Nursing Homes?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Medicare is that it covers for your stay at a nursing home. In fact, Medicare Insurance only covers for the medical care you receive while living in a nursing home. Learn more!

Health Savings Accounts and Medicare

Do you contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA)? Are you approaching Medicare age? It is worth a talk with a professional, licensed Medicare agent to find out just when you should stop contributing to an HSA so you don't get a penalty.

Extra Help For Medicare

Did you know that if you have limited income and resources, you may qualify for extra help for Medicare? In this week's Medicare Minute, Mark touches on the extra help opportunities you may not have known about. Reach out to us if this could be beneficial for you or share this with a friend or relative that might need the extra help.

What Are Scope Of Appointment Forms? 🤔

The Scope of Appointment form is a federally mandated form that documents an appointment and protects both the Medicare beneficiary and the Medicare agent. This form allows the beneficiary to check off exactly what they would like to talk about regarding Medicare so that they aren't solicited for something they aren't interested in. The Scope of Appointment must be filled out every time you meet with us by law. We can send it through your e-mail or text and only takes a few minutes! We know it can get repetitive but its an important part of protecting Medicare beneficiaries from being taken advantage of.

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